Chestnut animals

My son wasn’t feeling well today so we stayed at home. He wasn’t well enoughfor the kindergarten, but he was well enough that he wanted to be entertained. We started the day with a trip to a nearby playground. It wasn’t long untill he stated that his legs was tired and complained that he couldn’t figure out how to play (?!) – a clear sign that he wasn’t in his best shape.

On our way back we found a chestnut tree and I came to think of when I went to kindergarten and we made animals from chestnuts. So we gathered about 20 chestnuts and on our way home we bought some matches.

Admittedly are the animals we made not the most creative and fun chestnut animals you will find if you make a google search, but it is a great way to be creative with my son and use whatever nature gives us, so I wanted to pass along the idea.


  • Chestnuts
  • Matches
  • Yarn, if you want to make a spider web
  • Small screwdriver or another tool to make holes in the chestnut

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